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The training plan ER SMART INDUSTRY allows enterpreneurs, managers and key actors of Emilia Romagna companies to take part in training activities of five strategica supply chains divided in Operations:
ER SMART FOOD for the food supply chain
ER SMART MECH for the mechanics, mechatronic, motoring supply chain
ER SMART FASHION for the textile and fashion industry supply chain
ER SMART HEALTH & WELLNESS for health and wellbeing supply chain
ER SMART HOME for furnishing – home decor supply chain.

The program is funded through the contribution of the European Union-FSE and Emilia Romagna Region

All the activities are carried out by the training centers of reference of the regional Confindustria system: Assoform Romagna, Cerform, Cis Scuola per la gestione d'impresa, Cisita Parma, Fondazione Aldini Valeriani, Forpin, Nuova Didactica and Il Sestante Romagna, under the coordination of Formindustria Emilia Romagna

After the plan Verso Industria 4.0, this is a new opportunity for the development of companies in the area of Emilia and Romagna that want to develop a process of organizational, technological innnovation, and market oriented to improve their competitive positioning.

The main topics proposed to enterpreneurs, managers and key actors of companies concern the innovation by design, technological product/process innovation, market-driven innovation, digital innovation and open innovation.

The training inter-company actions, duration 24 hours, will be integrated by a consulting support of 8 hours, targeted to each company involved, to transfer training contents in specific business strategies.

The numbers are important: the plan will involve all the regional territory, more than 1.100 companies and 3.500 people with training activities in class and supporting and consultancy actions in companies for an amount of 20 thousand hours. The overall economic values is relevant: € 2,9 million euros, for an 18 months initiative.

The promoters of the Plan represent the scientific and enterpreneurial community of Emilia-Romagna and the Country: Confindustria Emilia-Romagna and the Confindustrie, regional Industrial Unions, Confindustria Ceramics, Ance Emilia-Romagna, Aiop Emilia-Romagna, Assinform, Assovetro, Confindustria technological and innovative Services, Farmindustria, Federalimentare, Federazione Gomma Plastica, Federlegno Arredo, Ucimu and all the region Universities.

All the actors involved are part of the Steering Committee, coordinated by Confindustria Emilia-Romagna, who has the task to coordinate the implementation of the plan from a scientific and methodological perspective.

All courses are free and covered under the De Minimis rule

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Rif. PA 2019-11706/RER
Titolo: ER SMART FOOD: formare per innovare il Sistema Agroalimentare dell'Emilia-Romagna
Rif. PA 2019-11707/RER
Titolo: ER SMART MECH: formare per innovare il Sistema della Meccanica, Meccatronica e Motoristica dell'Emilia-Romagna
Rif. PA 2019-11708/RER
Titolo: ER SMART FASHION: formare per innovare il Sistema Tessile e Moda dell'Emilia-Romagna

Operazioni approvate con DGR n. 1336/2019 del 29/07/2019 co-finanziate dal Fondo Sociale Europeo PO 2014-2020 Regione Emilia-Romagna

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